New HPV-vaccine adverse events in Denmark

Af den 19/10/2014

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) published a newsletter this September, where they went through some of the latest adverse events reported after HPV vaccination.

In total there have been reported 269 serious adverse events after HPV vaccination in Denmark, which on the basis of the given doses, is equivalent to 50 serious adverse events per 100,000 vaccinated women. It is a very large part when you compare it with other vaccines, or even hold it up against the risk of dying from cervical cancer, which at the moment are 3.2 out of 100,000 women in Denmark.

Among the most common adverse events reported to The Danish Health and Medicines Authority, that can’t be classified as serious, 11% reported headaches, 10% reported dizziness and 7% reported sensory disorders. Oddly enough sensory disorder is not even mentioned in a single drug information leaflet, even though sensory disorder is one of the most common reported adverse events in Denmark, with a total of 75 reported adverse events so far. The rare illness, Guillain Barre disease is also reported, but it is mentioned in the drug information leaflet and it is a disease that can cause prickly and stabbing pain, sensory disorder or muscle weakness in the limbs and it can cause limited or total paralysis. If there are any signs of Guillain Barre disease it is very important to be proper diagnosed.

Some of the most serious adverse events that The Danish Health and Medicines Authority describes are POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), orthostatic hypotension (fainting), posterior uveitis (inflammation in the eyes) and pericarditis (inflammation around the heart). These adverse events are classified as likely caused by the HPV-vaccine by The Danish Health and Medicines Authority because they correlate with the time of vaccination. On the other hand, they do not consider some of the other adverse events as likely, for example dizziness, fatigue, discomfort, visual disorder, sensory disorder, seizures, fever and heart pain. The argument from The Danish Health and Medicines Authority is that they do either not correlate with the time of vaccination or they are not described in the medical literature.

But all of these adverse events that The Danish Health and Medicines Authority do not consider likely are adverse events that are well known. And we have daily contact with young women describing these symptoms, and contrary to what The Danish Health and Medicines Authority write in their newsletter, most of the adverse events they do not consider likely are all written in the drug information leaflet. Likewise the French Prof. Romain Gherardi has proved in his research that adverse events from vaccines can occur a lot later than right after the vaccination. In his research he has proven that adverse events from the aluminium contained in the vaccine, can occur from 5 years up to 12 years later, and that the aluminium is measurable at both the injection site and the brain in the whole period.

You can read the September newsletter from The Danish Health and Medicines Authority here: News about adverse events

If you experience HPV-vaccine adverse events, it is very important that you report it, either through your own doctor or through the correct public authority. If you are a Danish citizen, you can report adverse events through this link:


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