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The future vaccines – cool or scary?

What can we expect from the future vaccines? The pharmaceutical giant Merck/MSD gives some of the answers on their homepage Future9.dk.

Recently we brought the news that the coming vaccine from Merck, V503, or Gardasil 9, has been approved by the FDA and that there were some huge security flaws in the Future 9 study. On the danish homepage of the study you can read about Merck’s future vaccines. On the homepage they write:

Scientists all around the world are looking for new methods for developing and handling vaccines. Some of them seem like science-fiction, but they can very well be the future vaccines. For example we work on giving several doses at once in a form of a microsphere (small particles) that can deliver the vaccine over a long period of time. Likewise we are researching in the field of edible vaccines in the form of genetically modified plants like bananas or potatoes. If we succeed the method will make it a lot easier to handle vaccination programs for example in the poor countries of the world. Because at these places you really feel that vaccination is among one of the most effective tools we have for fighting disease and suffering.

Let’s just repeat the sentence “edible vaccines in the form of genetically modified plants like bananas or potatoes” and let it stand… So if they are researching edible vaccines, how can we trust that it doesn’t suddenly end up in our food? The pharmaceutical industry usually likes to keep things hidden from the public. Oh well, I guess we just have to hope that someone will keep a close eye on it.

On the Future 9 homepage the future vaccines are described as almost too good to be true. But what do you think about the development? Is it cool or scary?



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